Guaranteeing safety

with a plug and play solution

such as the safety kit. It contains:
⤷ Long-lasting user manual for guests;
⤷ Door hanger and safety stickers;

⤷ Portable vibrating alarm clock;
⤷ Portable vibrating fire alarm;

⤷ Flashing doorbell gong.

These products cater to deaf people's needs, allowing them to recognise when somebody wants to enter the room and enables them to evacuate safely at all times. The portable fire alarm notifies the user if the fire alarm sounds by vibrating under the guest’s pillow using its signature listen and learn technology. The default settings are set to the slow whoop alarm but replaceable to any alarm.

Guaranteeing privacy

by training in Sign Language

and in Deaf Awareness with coaching given by deaf tutors in collaboration with Deaf Awareness tutor Ruthy Fletcher. Several times Ruthy stayed in a hotel where the fire alarm went off and she was the only one unaware. Also, Heary leads a training program created to train deaf unemployed people into Deaf Awareness tutors. The training is only available within The Netherlands. The cases are delivered with Accessible Tourism Pamphlets.

Worldwide deafness

"According to the World Health Organization, 466 Million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss of which according to the World Federation of the Deaf, 70 Million people are deaf. It is estimated that by 2050 over 900 Million people will have disabling hearing loss."

Ruthy Fletcher

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✓ Intuitive and self-explanatory.
✓ Fast and easy implementation.
✓ Easy to store at the front office.
✓ Personalized design.

Our hard case safety kit comes in one case that you can easily store behind the front office and that can be used whenever needed. When purchasing the health and safety package, a training Deaf Awareness and Dutch Basic Sign Language are included. Furthermore, it drives revenue by tailoring to accessible tourism ultimately leading to an increase in RevPAR.

The UN - Sustainable Development Goals

The world has new development goals. United Nations General Assembly adopted the SDG's, as the world's blueprint for development until 2030. Heary is linked to three SDG's including Reduced Inequalities, Health and Well-being, and Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.

United Nations on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

In July 2016, the UN convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was established. Later, the House of Representatives approved the Accessibility Decree that contains rules concerning general accessibility for people with disabilities. 

Building bridges in safety


Duration and language.

The training consists of one four hour session. The Deaf Awareness and Basic Sign Language training are combined into one and given by one of our deaf tutors. The raining is given in Dutch. 

Goal and desired outcome.

We aim to increase accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing people in hotels by providing them with a safe stay. This is achieved by giving training in deafness, communication barriers, dangerous situations and Basic Sign Language. We introduce your staff to the added value of the visual aspect of communication. Our tutors' personal experience combined with active work methods makes the training very practical and tangible for the participants. Also, our products are demonstrated in order to assure safety and enhance the deaf and hard of hearing people's experience. 


"An eyeopener! Great combination, the training is both educational and fun as well"

Skotel Amsterdam - ★★★★★
Manager Instructor Rooms

"Very useful training and an eyeopener for instructors and students, thanks!"

Skotel The Hague - ★★★★★
Rooms Division Manager 

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