Partner & Projects

Dovenschap Nederland.

Dovenschap is the largest, independent association for Dutch deaf people. Dovenschap focuses with its activities on deaf people, and directly involved parties such as partners, children and/or parents. The association also maintains contact with care providers.


Hoorexpert is a progressive organization in the field of hearing solutions. Hoorexpert can adequately respond to the increasing need for individual hearing solutions. The number of Dutch hearing impaired people is expected to rise to 2.5 million in the coming years.

Bellman & Symfon.

Bellman was founded in 1989 by the entrepreneur Mr. P. Jungvid. The project name was “Bellman” after the well-known Carl-Michael Bellman. The business expanded to further enhance the development of solutions specially intended for use in home care. 

Ruthy Fletcher.

Driven by a desire to improve deaf awareness in the workplace, Ruthy decided to change her career and become a consultant for Support The Deaf. She is a fully qualified Signature Deaf Awareness Tutor and designed an innovative course catered to hotels.